Taste Maker: Better Eating Through Technology

The problem with eating healthy is that you have to eat healthy food. It’s a real dilemma, in my experience, and one of many troubling indications that the universe is essentially unfair.

A designer in Romania may have found a way around this problem, though, with a concept-stage technology that makes any kind of food taste like any other kind of food.

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Oh, it’s trippy, all right. The Set To Mimic system, a finalist in the 2014 Electrolux Design Lab Competition, proposes using a microchip patch on the forehead to essentially hack into your brain and trigger your favorite tastes and smells.

It works like this: Prepare an unhealthy dish that you really like — Scottish lorne sausage, say — and place it on the Set To Mimic plate. Affix the microchip patches to your forehead and dig in. The chip monitors the synaptic activity associated with the taste and smell of the food, then records this data in the hardware of the plate itself.

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Next time around, put some healthy food on the plate — one of those terrifying kale salads, for instance — and turn the dial. The plate broadcasts the synaptic data back to the dermal patches, which manipulates brain activity to replace the taste of kale with the taste of obscure but delicious Scottish breakfast foods.

Or something like that. This is all blue-sky product design thinking, mind you. Creator Sorina Rasteanu is a 22-year-old graduate student in Romania, and the concept development page is rather light on specifics. But there are no bad ideas in brainstorming, and it’s nice to see the young people thinking in the proper direction.


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