Four Volcanoes Erupt in 360-Degree Fly By

For sheer drama, nothing beats an erupting volcano, except maybe … four erupting volcanoes. A Moscow-based documentary film crew created some spectacular footage of four active volcanoes on Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula using 360-degree camera gear. The volcanoes are only about 110 miles apart from each other, but experts say they’re unlikely to be feeding from the same magma source, making the simultaneous eruptions  rare. In this interactive video clip, try changing the camera’s perspective as the crew buzzes the craters. via Spiegel Online


Amazing Kayak Trips in the Western Hemisphere

Watch Big Island Humpbacks

The Kona side of the Big Island of Hawaii has some of the world’s best sea kayaking. There are sheltered waters and many remote coves on the west side of the island. Just check the weather and ask the locals where to put in for the day, then paddle away. Many places rent kayaks, and there are guided tours of all kinds. You really can’t go wrong. Just beware of the whales. Really: Humpback females come to these waters in the winter to give birth and they can give you quite a start when they start slapping the water near you with their tails. For more info, google “Big Island kayaking.”